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GISW 3rd Anniversary Message

Dear Friends,

We are very happy and delighted as we celebrate the third anniversary of the Global Institute of Social Work (GISW) on 7th November 2016.  Launched by the late Mr S.R. Nathan the former President of the Republic of Singapore, the GISW develops quality just-in-time online training courses for social workers and helping professionals worldwide.

To-date more than 100 lectures and 30 courses have been recorded for review and launch. In October 2016 the GISW learning portal migrated to gisw.teachable.com as the Learning Management System.  Plans are also in the pipeline to have Chinese and Russian GISW websites and courses in different languages. 

The potential of the GISW to help local social workers, and globally especially those from developing nations, to level up competencies is tremendous.  To this end, we have been actively seeking collaboration with (and has signed MOUs with) government and non- government organisations, international and local institutions, educational and business agencies to work with us to deliver effective, culturally appropriate training in social work online. Our GISW International Advisory Panel has also represented the GISW in the various regions and to promote the development of training and sharing of resources.

The demand for quality training to ensure effective social work practice is on the rise.  Looking forward towards a sustainable future, the GISW is working on an equitable cost sharing model for some of the courses as well as establishing a consultancy and training arm.

As we celebrate the milestones and good progress of the GISW, we also seek your help to share with the world and support us in our mission to provide quality social work training to those who need it most!

A better-trained social worker can make a world of difference to clients in need!

With warmest regards,

Professor TAN Ngoh Tiong

Chair, International Advisory Board, GISW

Online Seminar on International Social Work November 7th at 7-8pm (Singapore time) via Skype.

The topic of the seminar is “International Social Work”. We have various time zones joining in and we also have short pre-recorded sessions.

Panel Speakers: Ms Ruth Stark, President of International Federation of Social Workers and Dr David Jones, Past IFSW president, are the key speakers, Prof Jim Midgley has given permission to use his recorded interview on International Social Welfare, Mr Michael Ong founder of Tea Talk in Vietnam, Prof Johnston Wong, founder of Social Work Across Borders and others will be speakers in the panel.

Seminar Moderator: Prof Tan Ngoh Tiong – please connect up via skype (skype name: tiongtan)

Dr Vernon Loke will facilitate the connections on skype, so please send him your skype name, or connect with tiongtan

Tribute to the Late Mr S. R. Nathan, Former President of the Republic of Singapore

SR Nathan

SR Nathan at Launch of GISW

Click picture to hear Mr S. R. Nathan's speech 

The late Mr. S.R.Natham was a social worker, not just of Singapore but also of the world. He dedicated his life for the concern of all humanity. Mr Nathan launched the Global Institute of Social Work in November 2013. He said, "More effective social workers are needed, especially in third world countries. Social workers can help make Singapore a better society. .... We can also share best practices with the world and we have much to learn from the best in the world. This kind of collaboration, envisaged by GISW,...can and will make the world a better place for everybody." He gave his blessings for GISW: "I wish the best support for the launch of the Global Institute of Social Work as a useful platform for professional social work development to serve all people regardless of their nationality,culture or social political situations."

The Changing World

The world is changing fast since the advent of modern social work. At GISW, our vision is to use technology to transform social work training that benefits people all over the world.You can play an active part in contributing to the development of global social work.

World Social Work Day was celebrated all over the globe on March 15, 2016. The WSWD2016 provided the "opportunity for the profession to express international solidarity and to bring common messages to governments,regional bodies and to our communities". The theme for this year is for Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples as part of the Global Agenda for Action. GISW is committed to sharing best practices of social work with people all over the world in support the Global Agenda of Social Work.



In the fast changing world, the Global Institute of Social Work is also evolving. We will soon transit to a new LMS platform at gisw.teachable.com. In the past months we have, in collaboration with institutions in Russia, set up the International School of Social Work based in Ulyanoskv and other parts of Russia.This will serve as a regional center for social work training in Europe. We have also begun discussion with key consultants to commisison courses in Social Work to be launched in 2016.

Russia International Sch of Social Work2r

At the launch of International School of Social Work in Russia.

Social work and social development are intertwined. The International Consortium for International Social Development's 19th International Symposium, met recently at SIM University,Singapore, The conference theme focused on Transforming Society and social change. Resources from the conference are available at the Training page of the GISW website. ICSWHMHThe conference in Singapore, the 8th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health was successfully held from 19-23 June 2016 in Singapore.

ICSD2015 Conference

ICSD2015 Conference: Opening Plenary with Keynote Speaker Dr Noeleen Heyzer and Guest of Honour: DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam


Jim Midgley honored


Professor James Midgley(middle) at the University Poltechnica de Madrid


Professor James Midgley, Fellow of GISW, received the Honorary Doctorate conferred by the University Politechnica de Madrid in Spain. He has been working with colleagues on social development projects operating in the Latin American countries. His book on social development has been translated into Spanish and adopted in Latin America. Do check out the interview with James Midgley on International Social Development at the GISW Training Portal.

We preaently live in a globalised world and must ride on new technology and change the mode of delivery of social work training. The process of continuing education and development must ensure the delivery of timely and useful knowledge, active engagement in application of ideas, effective strategies and skills in improving human conditions shaping a more fair and just world.

The Global Institute of Social Work seeks to provide free access to social work knowledge and training for practitioners from all over the world. Knowledge and competency development is a universal right!

 A new training portal has been established with Teachable ( gisw.teachable.com ). While it is being set up you may try signing up for the interesting courses!

Chairman's Column
TNTWelcome to the Global Institute of Social Work. GISW is more than a site for social work information and courses, it is envisioned as a community of learners with a passion to do better in the way we work with others, empowering people and improving the world we live in. We plan to have regional centers established in the next year.
Please check out the new GISWTraining Portal where the online courses and seminars are located. Sign on to be a member to take these courses free and you will also be able to contribute your courses and training programms.
GISW is pleased to acknowledge The Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work Education as one of the sponsors for the GISW forum. KAKI which "strives to prepare educators, researchers, students, and practitioners for an increasingly global community through its programs and initiatives,"  also shares the vision to promote excellence in social work training and international networking. kaki logo CMYK
GISW has also announced collaboration with New Light in Calculata that reaches street women and children. We need your support to realize the vision of providing quality social work training to those who need it most! We hope that your organization will also join us and we can collaborate in providing training to your staff.
GISW also hosted a study tour of social workers, lawyers and advocates from the Middle East interested in domestic violence issues. Earlier, 25 Russian social work professors, social workers and social pedagogues, professionals in social services, civil servants including rectors, deans of university, directors of municipal services, social services and senior teachers and representatives from Federal and  Regional Ministries of Labor and Social Protection, visited Singapore. Three MOUs were signed with GISW to continue collaboration with Russian institutions. The documentation of this study program can be found in the Training page of GISW website.
May I call upon each of you if you are able to develop and mount a course which will be useful to others around the world? It is not that difficult. Decide on a topic that you are passionate about that you wish to share knowledge and skills with others. Structure your presentation in 3 or 4 segments and rehearse it once before recording. Upload the material onto a dropbox, google drive or youtube and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
GISW will commision courses to be developed and we will invite you to submit proposals for course development that could be funded and published online. We will also start a Social Work Student's Corner to publish  A) Thesis and Substantive Professional Projects; B) Selected Term papers and C) Special Projects.
Please upload your material online by first creating a member account at the gisw website so as to submit the material for review.
Wishing you success in every social work ventures!Russian visit1Russian Visit2

   Professor TAN Ngoh Tiong
   Chair, GISW




Launch of GISW 

GISWlaunch Nov2013

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